UTS-UC Hawks clawing their way to elite handball

The combined UTS/UC team look to be the unknown entity of the competition and could be a real danger to St Kilda and Sydney Uni. The quality of their starting 7 is unquestioned with national representatives James Ridley, Mitch Hedges and right back Michael Thomas likely to form a powerful combination with Argentinian centre back Augustin Bruno and Denmark’s Christian Lhyne.

Canberra based Harjodh Singh will provide plenty of x factor and speed whenever he is on the court, however it is the bench depth of the hawks which is yet to be proven and is likely to decide how far they are able to go in the competition.

Coach: Richard Ridley   Assistant Coach: Taip Ramadani

Key Players: Augustin Bruno, Mitch Hedges, James Ridley, Harjodh Singh, Michael Thomas